Benneth Uchenna


Program Coordinator  

Benneth was born and raised in Isiala Nbano, Imo State of Nigeria. Once in the shoes of Kor Foundation students, Benneth encountered poverty and the toll it took on his childhood, family and opportunities to excel. Highly motivated to attain success, Benneth decided to use education as a way to broaden his horizons. With the support of his mother, and his passion to succeed, Benneth joined his mother in petty trading to raise money for his secondary school education .
After passing secondary school with flying colors, Benneth began teaching to raise money for his education at Abia State University. It was Benneth’s teaching career that sparked his love for education and its doorways of opportunities.
His passion for education and goal to excel enabled him to receive his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Chemistry. Fortunately, Uchenna’s hard work and determination has landed him a position at N.E WILLIAMS NIGERIA LIMITED, an oil servicing company in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria.
Inspired by his past and his goal’s achieved through education, Uchenna decided to join KOR Foundation in 2009. As the Program Coordinator, he hopes to equip Kor Foundation students with the tools necessary to excel academically, fight poverty, and build futures.

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