Our Story


In 2009, Stanley Onwuakor was inspired to start Kor Foundation because of his own nerve-wracking experiences growing up in eastern Nigeria. He didn’t have access to quality education because his family was buried in poverty. He still succeeded in attending a community school by selling groundnut, Pure Water, meat pie, and custom made shoes. The money he earned through these ventures paid for his uniform and other school materials. His heart pumped with a strong passion for humanitarian work. His focus led him to create Kor Foundation from the ground up to educate children, fight poverty, and liberate minds to strive for a better future. To increase Kor Foundation’s effectiveness, he partnered with Rita Oluchi Obi, who is also passionate about giving under-privileged children hope to attain their individual dreams. They teamed up to redesign the direction of Kor Foundation to reach as many children as possible. Since 2012, Stanley and Oluchi have visited Africa often to conduct and supervise the organization projects.

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