Kor works

“Developing the Innovative and Creative Skills of Students”


Kor works which is a subsidiary of Kor foundation assist in improving the innovative and creative skills of underprivileged Secondary School Students through basic computer training. We are launching a campaign to provide basic computer training to over 20,000 underprivileged secondary schools students in local communities of Africa by the year 2020.


Basic computer knowledge is a requirement for success in today’s technology driven environment. In as much as many people in diaspora use computer in their day to day activities of life, some people still don’t have access to computer; can you imagine how they live their life without basic computer knowledge?

Kor Foundation is using its Kor Works computer training workshop to extend the knowledge of computer to over 20,000 underprivileged Secondary School Students all over local communities in Africa. This training, we believe will bestow positive transformation in these student’s future.


According to researches carried out among students in communities where we conduct our various educational projects, we discovered that thousands of secondary school students have never used a computer. These students have to either wait to get into higher institution or transfer to commercial schools to be able to obtain basic understanding of computer. Kor works program will therefore give these students free access to the knowledge of basic computer programs which will assist in developing them in order to compete with other students in well- developed areas.


Kor Foundation (kor Works computer training campaign) will provide these students with basic approaches to acquiring computer skills. The program is also designed to provide special interactive and practical acquaintance of basic computer programs. We will achieve these goals by visiting selected community schools with our College volunteers to provide them with this computer training.


At the end of these program, we expect students who benefitted from it to be knowledgeable and experienced in basic computer programs. They will be able to measure up with other students from well-developed areas.  The students will have basic understanding on how to conduct their own educational research and it will be easier for them to go further in expanding their knowledge in computer science and technology after completing secondary school.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.